Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. Files New Patent for TTO as Disinfectant Agent for Cryptosporidium

Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc. (PHBT) filed a new Provisional Patent Application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Tetrasilvertetraoxide (TTO) as a Disinfectant Agent for Cryptosporidium.

PHBT engaged Clancy Environmental Consultants, Inc. to perform disinfection studies utilizing TTO as an alternate disinfection technology. The studies concluded TTO, used as a disinfectant, is a superior product that out performs halogens in the process of killing Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts.

Joseph P. Doxey, PHBT president, stated, "Given the fact that the Pure H20 Bio-Technologies water purifier system contains the disinfectant within the system and only releases disinfectant-free potable drinking water, TTO became an excellent candidate for disinfection of Cryptosporidium.

PHBT followed a strict and meticulous protocol to qualify for NSF certification. It achieved new successes in the studies utilizing TTO, accumulated extensive raw data in disinfection technology and filed two patents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with one patent currently under review and the other patent-pending recently submitted.

The claims PHBT accomplished by its extensive research and testing bring the company one step closer to the status required for NSF certification. Attaining these claims that PHBT described in its patents for both the engineering and microbiology fields of the disinfection delivery system places PHBT in an optimum position to increase its market share.

TTO is considered to be a viable candidate for killing Cryptosporidium, a deadly waterborne pathogen. Silver compounds have been used for many centuries to purify water for drinking and for the prevention and treatment of pathogenic microbes. It has been tested successfully against numerous bacterial and algal strains. The scientific findings of the EPA included a statement that adequate product chemistry, efficacy (killing of EPA specified microbial species), environmental fate, toxicology and ecological effects data have been reviewed showing that human exposure from the purposed use is minimal.

Pure H20 Bio-Technologies, Inc.

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