Pure Water Offers Bottle-Filling System for Japanese Companies

Concerns over radioactive iodine in drinking water are growing

With concerns over radiation levels in Japanese drinking water, companies are looking to provide a reliable source of safe drinking water for their employees' families.

The concern is due to high levels of radioactive iodine-131 that have been found in drinking water supplies in parts of Tokyo and surrounding areas. The Japanese government instructed that infants should not consume the tap water because they are particularly vulnerable to radioactive iodine, which can cause thyroid cancer. The government said that adults do not need to worry at this time.

To assist these companies, Pure & Secure is offering an advanced water distiller and bottle-filling system that allows companies to produce pure bottled water for their employees' families.

"Pure Water brand distillers provide broad-spectrum protection from biological contaminants, toxic metals, organic compounds and radioactive contaminants in water, which is why many U.S. Embassies around the world have relied on Pure Water distillers for more than three decades to protect their staff from harsh water conditions and potential terror threats," said Sam Maalouf, director of sales for the company.

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