Pure1 Systems Appoints Cool Geisser Exclusive Dealer in Mexico and Federal District

Pure1 Systems, the developer of the EverFull self-filling bottle for purified water dispensing, announced the addition of Cool Geisser, a division of Office Services International Group, Mexico D.F., as the exclusive dealer for its products in the state of Mexico and the Federal District in Mexico.

“Cool Geisser was created to improve the quality of life of the employees of the customers it serves,” said Carlos Crespo, marketing and communications director of Cool Geisser. “Fully committed to its country and customers, Cool Geisser’s executives’ creativity and enthusiasm is reflected in the creation of a one-of-a-kind program, in which a portion of the money generated by the installation of Pure1 equipment is donated to environmental preservation and restoration programs. With this kind of effort, Cool Geisser consolidates its position as a proud Pure1 partner in the world.”

The exclusive dealership is part of a new program developed by Pure1 Systems to improve the servicing of users throughout the world. Dealers receive equipment to jump-start their business, marketing support with customer driven literature, direct mail pieces and DVDs, selling and technical training, and territorial exclusivity.

“We are very excited about working closely with Cool Geisser’s outstanding staff to achieve their long term goals and building a strong relationship with them in Mexico.” said Stephen Messinger, director of sales and marketing for Pure1 Systems.

Pure1 Systems

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