PureOFlow Unveils New POE Equipment

Water purification system addresses issues with potential water softener bans

PureOFlow announced today at the WQA Aquatech USA show the debut of its technology and systems. The company offers an economical, green solution that will outlast potential legislation banning the current generation of water softener systems.

“Top considerations on consumers’ minds right now are the economy and being green,” said Tom Cartwright, CEO of PureOFlow. “Our technologically advanced point-of-entry water purification system provides the best solutions to both of these concerns.”

Opposition to water softeners based on concern about brine discharge is not new, but increased resistance has brought this issue to the forefront. At the PureOFlow booth at WQA Aquatech, attendees will learn about innovative systems that address potential water softener bans and were chosen by the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green series as the most environmentally friendly solution on the market.

PureOFlow is an affordable, high-capacity reverse osmosis water purification system that delivers bottle-quality water to every location in a home or building. The new technology delivers both purification and soft, desalinized water in one unit, with the ability to replace most point-of-use filters and purifiers with a single system. The system reduces up to 98% of substances such as arsenic, lead and radium, and it delivers as much as 5,600 gal/day at delivery rates up to 22 gpm.


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