PureSafe Water Station Receives Strong Endorsement

David A. Conway, president and chief executive officer, WaterChef, Inc. announced that the company's PureSafe Water Station received a positive endorsement from the Scientific Director of UNESCO in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Abraham Arad Hochman said, "I have done extensive research on the various water purification systems being marketed, and I believe WaterChef's PureSafe system provides the most effective combination of technologies to provide pure water for emerging economies."

Conway stated that the company is aggressively marketing its PureSafe products internationally and expects to capitalize on these efforts in the near future.

The PureSafe Water Station is a self-contained, six-stage water purification system, which produces up to 15,000 gallons per day of clean, healthy water from any source. The PureSafe destroys all living pathogens and handles a broad range of organic and inorganic water contaminants, producing pure water for less than a penny per gallon. The PureSafe Water Station is patented and trademarked in the United States, as well as in the European Union, China, Korea, Mexico and elsewhere.

WaterChef, Inc.

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