Nov 08, 2011

Purestream Technology Contracted To Treat Flowback Water in Bakken Field, ND

Company partners with Whiting Oil & Gas Corp. for onsite water recycling project

Purestream Technology announced it was contracted by Whiting Oil and Gas Corp. for a water treatment project in North Dakota to treat the corporation’s produced water for reuse at its Williston Basin operations. The commercial unit will treat 2,000 barrels of flowback water daily, returning clean finished water for continued use in hydrofracturing, or fracking, operations.

Purestream’s Avara System can reduce the cost of water disposal by recycling produced and flowback water at or near the well site. In the Bakken Field in North Dakota, water that flows back to the surface typically has high TDS, rendering it difficult and costly to handle and transport.

“Purestream is very pleased to have entered into a commercial contract for our Avara technology, to treat and recycle flowback water for one of the premier producers in the [Bakken],” said Purestream CEO Neil Richardson.

The Avara System was developed in partnership with Utah State University’s’ Energy and Space Dynamics Labs, and is designed to clean and recycle wastewater using an accelerated vapor recompression process that removes harmful contaminates and renders it cleaner than drinking water.