PureTex Water Works Partners with Krones to Build Purified Drinking Water Facility

Krones, a leader in turnkey solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with PureTex Water Works on its current high-speed water bottling plant. This is one of the largest projects in the history of Krones worldwide.

PureTex Water Works, a purified water bottler in Wharton County, Texas, will invest in 10 complete high-speed bottling and packaging lines from Krones. Each state-of-the-art water line will feature a Contiform S40K blow-molding machine for PET bottles, VODM-PET Filler, Contiroll wrap-around labeler, Variopac tray-film-shrink packers and Pressant Universal palletizers.

The first lines will be in operation by the end of 2006. This premier facility will allow PureTex Water Works to hire 380 new employees and expand its long-term commitment to southern Texas communities to provide clean, local, low-cost drinking water.

Krones, inc.

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