Feb 2 2021
Laundry Pro 2.0 is better for your laundry, better for your family and better for the environment. Laundry Pro 2.0 incorporates the power of our…
Jan 6 2021
Find out why the water treatment supplier has used John Guest for over 25 years.
Dec 1 2020
The Beyond Guardian Air, our flagship ActivePure model, substantially reduces contaminants on surfaces and in the air.  With an exclusive combination…
Nov 5 2020
Researchers at Texas A&M University have come up with a green solution that can help underprivileged communities with their water and electricity…
Oct 20 2020
Aerus’ award-winning ActivePure Technology is scientifically proven to destroy microscopic pathogens and contaminants on surfaces and in the air and…
Oct 6 2020
An in depth look at the technology.
Oct 6 2020
The most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered.   Editor's Note: Scranton Gillette Communications and the SGC Water Group…
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