PurTest(R) Anthrax Test Successfully Tested and Lab Certified

Vital Living Products, Inc., has announced that its PurTest(R) Anthrax Test has been certified by an independent FDA registered laboratory and that the test results are in line with the company's previous statements.

The certified report by Sani-Pure Food Laboratories states, "Currently, the PurTest(R) Anthrax screening kit is statistically consistent with specificity of 95 percent and the corresponding false positive rate of 5 percent." The company has contracted with the lab to perform additional testing and will update as appropriate.

"We promised consumers a screening test that would be easy and reliable for use in the workplace or home. This independent certification met our expectations for accuracy and validity." said Donald Podrebarac, CEO of Vital Living Products. "The testing was conducted in a laboratory and environmental settings using Anthrax, various bacillus and other bacterial contaminants."

He continued, "The need for our product continues to grow because the threat of Anthrax attacks facing our nation and the world. We greatly appreciate shareholders patience while waiting for the return of these outstanding results and we look to begin shipping the PurTest(R) Anthrax Test within days."

The company plans to announce the various locations that consumers may purchase the test. PurTest(R) Anthrax was developed to provide consumers with peace of mind and to serve as a deterrent to prevent terrorists from continuing to spread Anthrax.

Vital Living Products, Inc.

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