Oct 21, 2011

PWQA Launches Facebook Page in Fight Against Water Softener Ban

Calif. residents encouraged to show opposition to IEUA ordinance banning use of water softeners

The Pacific Water Quality Assn. (PWQA) is launching a new Facebook page in support of the fight against the ban on water softeners in California. The “Save Our Soft Water—California” page will offer news and tips to fight the ban, and residents will be encouraged to “Like” the page as a sign of their opposition.

Earlier this year in mid-July, members of Inland Empire Utility Agency (IEUA) passed an ordinance to ban residents from putting in customary water softeners in their own homes. To be effective, however, cities within the jurisdiction of the IEUA will have to pass local bans that include punishment for those installing softeners. PWQA is encouraging residents to contact local officials in opposition.

A ban of water softeners could lead to search warrants and intrusive home inspections against residents, and it is not likely to achieve its goals, said PWQA. The association has asked the IEUA to put the law on hold and listen to the voices of area residents and experts.

Depending on how local municipalities would enforce the ordinance, residents could face large fines or even be charged as criminals for putting in softeners. In Santa Clarita, Calif., a similar ban failed to achieve adequate reductions in salinity. Instead, residents there are facing huge increases in water fees, despite earlier promises that a local softener ban would keep costs down. By banning the installation of new softeners, the government would also prevent residents from exchanging older devices for modern equipment that discharges far less salt.