Nov 01, 2012

RainSoft Implements Credit Card Program for Purification Systems

Program will help consumers finance RainSoft water and air purification system installation

RainSoft Alliance Data Marketing

Alliance Data Systems Corp. announced its retail services business has signed a new multi-year agreement to provide a marketing-driven, private label credit card program for RainSoft, an international company focused on water and air purification products. This agreement reinforces Alliance Data’s strategic desire to move selectively into the growing $279 billion home improvement vertical, per the U.S. Census Bureau.

Through the RainSoft private label credit card program, Alliance Data will provide cardholders with benefits such as extended pay plans with deferred interest and attractive rates, as well as no annual fee, to help consumers finance the installation of RainSoft water and/or air purification systems, which remove potentially harmful contaminants and minerals from tap water and household air. Cardholders may also use the RainSoft credit card to pay for continuing maintenance costs and products, such as new filters. In addition, Alliance Data will provide RainSoft cardholders with full account service, including online account management, award-winning customer care and marketing communications designed to support repeat purchases and engender customer loyalty.