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This article is the final installment of a three-part series that looks at the performance of manufacturers and suppliers, dealership owners and sales staff to see if they are pulling their weight and adding to the success of the industry. Use this to evaluate your situation and see if improvements can be made at all three levels to increase sales and profitability in the industry. This month’s article asks you to evaluate the sales representatives of your company.

Score 10 points for each area in which your sales rep does a good job. Remember that the better your rep is in these areas, the more successful the company will be.

Achieves a Minimum Number of Demos

Good salespeople work a plan and plan their work; they do not wait and hope for a walk-in or phone call. The industry seems to agree that a minimum day’s work for a salesperson is two complete demos with all decision makers present. If your sales rep achieves an average of 10 full demos per week, score 10 points; if not, score zero.

Achieves Minimum Closing Rates

The national average closing rate is three sales per ten demos, or 33%. This can be achieved using a professional and well-thought-out demo script without shortcuts or changes. If your sales rep sells an average of three systems or more per week, score 10 points; if not, score zero.

Optimistic & Loyal

Great salespeople have loyalty to their company. The company and salesperson work together as a team in order to achieve success. If your reps are loyal, optimistic and positive about your products, prices and company, score 10 points. If they gossip or complain, score zero.

Looks & Acts Professional

If your reps come to work each day properly groomed, wearing clean clothes, with a fully charged sales kit and a clean, accurate price book, score 10 points. If they are less than the image of a great salesperson selling pure water and a healthy lifestyle, score zero.

Education & Evolution

In life, we are either moving ahead or falling behind—our education should never stop. If your sales reps have read at least one book or attended a seminar on sales, prospecting or water treatment in the last 30 days, score 10 points. If not, score zero.

Reports Numbers Daily

Great salespeople know their numbers while poor salespeople know more about their golf game and baseball statistics. If your reps know exactly how many demos they have done this year, this month and today, and if they report these numbers on a regular basis, score 10 points. If not, score zero.

Makes it Easy for Customers

Is it easy for customers to buy from you? Do your reps work evenings until 9 p.m. and on weekends? Do they return phone calls promptly and stay in touch via e-mail? Do they explain water in language that customers can relate to and understand? If so, score 10 points; if not, score zero.

Brings in New Business

One of the most important benefits of having professional salespeople is that they bring in new and additional business. If they just answer phone calls and talk to walk-ins, what extra business do they bring to the organization?

Great salespeople do at least three things to earn their keep with a new business. Score 10 points if your reps regularly call on two neighbors every time they have an appointment; get two referrals each time they demo but do not sell; get four referrals each time they have a sale; and use their personal network to generate at least one sale per month. If they do not do these, score zero.

Does it by the Book

Great salespeople do procedures by the book without shortcuts or omissions. If your reps do demos as they were taught to do them, and if they fill out forms correctly, legibly and completely, award 10 points. If not, score zero.

Looks for Opportunities

Great salespeople are working on short-term opportunities while also planning for the long term. They design lead-generation or lead-exchange programs that work for builders, home-security companies, realtors and others who can provide a river of leads every month. If your reps have successfully formed a relationship in the last 30 days that is now bringing in leads, score 10 points; if not, score zero.


This report card will help you quantify how good a job your salespeople are doing for your company. I challenge owners to evaluate your sales staff to see just how much force is on your team. A score above 50 is good, but scores above 70 mean you are making nearly all that you can.

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