Rayne Water Corp. Introduces New Water Softener

System can make adjustments based on quality of feed water

Rayne Water Corp. is introducing the newest member of the Rayne water treatment family: the RayneSmart Water Softener. Since 1928, Rayne has been providing customers with water treatment products for homes, offices and businesses. Rayne's newest water softener is a twin-tank water softener/analyzer that adjusts intelligently to a home's water demands, as well as to the quality and hardness of the feed water.

"The RayneSmart could quite possibly be one of the smartest household appliances around; making life easier for the customer, all the while providing maximum salt and water efficiency and saving money,” said H. Martin Jessen, vice president of Rayne Corp. “Not only will this appliance lessen the financial drain of operating a water softener, it will also lessen the environmental impact of any water-using household appliance."

The most prominent feature of the RayneSmart is its analyzer technology. As feed water quality changes, the RayneSmart System analyzes and automatically makes adjustments for maximum efficiency. According to the company, the RayneSmart analyzer constantly measures feed water quality and softener effectiveness and makes adjustments to optimize performance and minimize salt usage and water regeneration waste.

The RayneSmart's twin-tank design affords a 40% to 80% reduction in salt and water usage because the first tank depletes 100% of its capacity before switching over to the second tank. The regeneration process then takes place with softened water.


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