RBF Volunteers Recognized for Outstanding Service

Scott M. Larson, P.E., CFM and Steve R. Speakman, P.E. were recently honored with the Kenneth J. Miller Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service to Water For People (WFP), an international, nonprofit, development organization committed to the long-term impact of increased access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation and health.

Scott Larson, P.E., CFM, a Vice President in the firm’s Phoenix office, was the choice for this year’s Arizona Section award after donating significant time, energy, and personal resources in leading several WFP projects in Mexico, benefiting numerous underprivileged children and families. Scott is an active member of American Water Works Association, Arizona Water and Pollution Control Association, Water for People Association, National Association of Flood and Stormwater Management Agencies, and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Scott was presented with the award during a special meeting at the Phoenix office, attended by RBF staff, WFP committee members, and the Presidents of the Arizona Water Pollution Control Association (AWPCA). He was also recognized during the AWPCA’s Annual Conference and at the American Water Works Association’s 2004 National Conference.

Steve Speakman, P.E., a Senior Associate in the firm’s Irvine office, was selected as this year’s award winner for the California-Nevada Section for his continued service and dedication in the support of the mission of Water for People. Steve has been a leader in the expansion of Water for People activities into Orange County, California, and for seven years has been a valuable volunteer through the American Water Works Association CA/NV Section, Water For People Committee, Member of Water Emergency Response Organization of Orange County and Orange County Water Association and RBF. He was instrumental in starting the Recycle For People program at RBF. Steve was recognized at the 2004 CA/NV Section conference, held in Sacramento.

Join Water For People in teaming with California Water Aid (www.californiawateraid.org.) in a united campaign of California's water and engineering community to help rebuild and restore the communities and countries devastated by the tsunami. All contributions to the California Water Aid campaign will go directly to UNICEF's Tsunami Water & Sanitation Fund for relief and long-term reconstruction in the affected countries.

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