Feb 12, 2020

Arizona's Pool Water Products Inc. Pays $800,000 Penalty for Pesticide Violations

Arizona’s Pool Water Products Inc. will pay $800,000 in fines for violating federal pesticide laws.


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The U.S. EPA has reached a settlement with Pool Water Products Inc. for alleged violations of federal pesticide laws.

The violations occurred at the company’s facility in Phoenix, Arizona, reported the EPA. The company has 30 days to pay the $800,000.

The penalty is also part of EPA’s 2018 action ordering the company to stop selling ALL Clear 3” Jumbo Chlorinating Tablets, as it is an improperly registered pesticide. 

This applies to nationwide distribution, transport and sales of the product, followed by a statewide stop-sale order issued in 2018 by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. Inspectors discovered the unregistered pesticide during an inspection of the company’s warehouse, reported the EPA.

“Unregistered pesticides can pose a significant risk to consumers, children, pets and others,” said Amy Miller, EPA’s enforcement and compliance division director for the pacific southwest region. “This settlement emphasizes how critical it is for companies to follow federal pesticide laws to protect human health.”

Under federal law, companies must provide formulation and production data to the EPA upon registering a pesticide product. 

The registered ALL Clear 3” tablets were made only in the U.S. until recently, according to the EPA. The product’s formula and data demonstrating its effectiveness were evaluated by the EPA. Pool Water Products was found to be selling and distributing an unregistered version of the product made in China, however. 

Once the EPA issued the stop-sale order in 2018, the company worked with EPA to register the products made in China and is therefore in compliance with the applicable federal pesticide laws.

Federal pesticide laws require the registration of pesticide products and pesticide-production facilities, as well as proper pesticide labeling and packaging, reported the EPA

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