Reidy & Co. Rescinds Water-From-The-Air Technology From Advanced Medical Technologies

James J. Reidy, president of J.J. Reidy & Co., Inc. announced that the company voided its Exclusive License to all patents and proprietary technology associated with extracting drinking water from the air previously granted to Advanced Medical Technologies, Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla.

Don Brumlik, president of Advanced Medical Technologies has conceded that the company cannot meet its past or current obligations required within the terms of the License. Reidy says he will now respond to other interested manufacturing and marketing Licensees worldwide.

Reidy & Co. has developed several WaterStar systems that extract water vapor from the air treating it to standards that meet or exceed those of the EPA. According to Reidy, these systems, of varying size, will produce five to 1,350 gallons per day with unfailing quality. They are designed to operate anywhere in the world having ambient conditions of at least 60° F (16° C) and 30 percent relative humidity. Operating costs are as low as six cents per gallon. This also makes it an attractive alternative to the cost and logistics of bottled water. Four US patents have been granted to Reidy and others are pending in eight countries. Production facilities are located in Milwaukee and Toronto.


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