In Remembrance

I would like to take a moment to honor a man who gave so
many of us such wonderful opportunities. He was chairman of the board and chief
executive officer of Scranton Gillette Communications, which publishes Water
Quality Products, among other titles.

Mr. Halbert Scranton Gillette, 81, passed away on Nov. 22,
2003, at his home in Lake Forest, Ill., due to complications from chemotherapy
after a long battle with prostate cancer. People that knew him well said that
he loved his life and he lived it to the fullest to the end. Mr. Gillette
always made plans and goals and achieved each of them. In doing so, he touched
many lives such as mine. In following his dreams of publishing and attaining
his life goals, he has made it possible for me to attain my own. And for that,
I thank him and his family.

I send my deepest heartfelt sympathies to Mr.
Gillette’s family, his friends, his employees and to each individual his
life touched. May his legacy continue on in our memories and hearts.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, June 29, 1922, the son of Edward
Scranton Gillette and Claribel Reed Thornton. He was raised in Chicago and
Winnetka, Ill.

In 1944, he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of
Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering and business. He was
commissioned U.S. Navy 1944-1946, and served in the U.S. mainland during
World War II and in the Naval Reserves.

He was chairman of the board and CEO of Scranton Gillette
Communications, Inc., which specializes in trade magazines and was founded in 1906
by his grandfather. Mr. Gillette started as a salesman for Gillette Publishing
in 1947. In 1960, two-thirds of Gillette Publishing Co. was sold to Ruben H.
Donnelly, which then was merging with Dun & Bradstreet. Mr. Gillette also
moved to Donnelly/Dun & Bradstreet as a publisher and a vice president. In
1970, he rejoined his father’s firm, then Scranton Publishing Company,
and shortly after became president of the firm, which was renamed Scranton
Gillette Communications.

He was Husband of Karla Ann Spiel Gillette; Father of Anne,
Susan, James, Halbert and Edward; Grandfather of Alexander, Madeline, Carolyn,
Julia and Isabelle.

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