Mar 02, 2016

Reno Water Purification Company Awarded Two Local Contracts

Homeowners' water exhibited elevated uranium and arsenic levels

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Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and Rosemount Water Co. have contracted Truckee Meadows Water Systems, Inc. to install under sink drinking water filters in 41 homes whose levels of uranium and arsenic exceeded U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Water tests for Rosemount Water Co.—a water provider to 25 homes located just below Mt. Rose Ski Resort—exhibited elevated uranium levels that exceeded the EPA limit set at 30 ppb.

In Wadsworth, tests for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe also showed 16 homes’ private well water levels exceeded the EPA arsenic standard of 10 ppb, with the highest level being over five times the limit.

“Northern Nevada is known worldwide for having the highest arsenic and uranium levels in the continental U.S.,” said Mike Guidara, president and founder of Truckee Meadows Water Systems. “You can’t see, smell or taste these contaminants. If your water source is a private well, do yourself a favor and have your water tested for both before it’s too late.”

“We routinely see arsenic levels 10 to 30 times the above EPA limit all over this area,” Guidara stated. “Unfortunately, people often end up calling us after they are diagnosed with either cancer, leukemia or arsenic poisoning.”