Report Analyzes Trends of Global Children's Bottled Water Market

Study addresses six geographical regions

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Zenith released its Global Children's Bottled Water 2016 report. It provides a comprehensive review of current trends and broad market insights addressing potential opportunities for water ranges targeted at children. With more than 70 detailed profiles of bottled water brands offered across six geographical regions—West Europe, East Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East—this report is a guide to bottled (or otherwise packaged) water products targeted at children.

Increasing concerns over child obesity are providing opportunities for bottled water targeted at children to seize market share from other children's soft drink categories, many of which are criticized for high sugar and calorie content.

Zenith's Children's Bottled Water Innovation 2016 report specifically focuses on the children's segment within the bottled water category, providing a topical overview of trends in overall and children's bottled water consumption, challenges, and opportunities.

The report covers:

  • An overview of bottled water market trends, including commentary on bottled water consumption overall and consumption of bottled water among children;
  • Childrens’ bottled water brand profiles, including more than 70 brand profiles divided by geographic region with detailed product information, variants, price/distribution and marketing profile;
  • Potential in the children's bottled water market with an exploration of the potential size of this growing market; and
  • Challenges and opportunities, including a review of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the children segment of bottled water and conclusions featuring broad commercial/market considerations.

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