Researchers Find Medicinal Herb Removes Fluoride From Drinking Water

Researchers in India develop filter system to remove fluoride

Fluoride Removal India Medicinal Herb Indian Research Tridax procumbens

Researchers in India have developed a filter system based on a medicinal herb, which they say can quickly and easily remove fluoride from drinking water. The technology described in the March issue of the International Journal of Environmental Engineering uses parts of the plant Tridax procumbens as a biocarbon filter for the ion.

Drinking water can contain natural fluoride, or fluoride might be added as a protective agent for teeth by water companies. However, its presence is not without controversy. In some natural drinking water, fluoride levels may be above those considered safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). Chemist Malairajan Singanan of the Presidency College (Autonomous) in Chennai, points out that the WHO guidelines suggest that a safe level of fluoride is 1.5 mg/L. He adds that various techniques to reduce fluoride content have been tried, including coagulation, adsorption, precipitation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and electrodialysis. However, metal ions with an affinity for fluoride in a biocarbon matrix represent a promising new approach.

Singanan has investigated T. procumbens, which is commonly used as a medicinal herb in India, as a biocarbon absorbent for fluoride. Previously, the plant has been tested in the extraction of toxic heavy metals from water. He explained that by loading up plant tissue with aluminum ions, it is possible create a safe biocarbon filter that will readily absorb fluoride ions from water warmed to around 27°C passing through the filter. His trials found that it takes three hours to remove 98% of fluoride with just 2 grams of the biocarbon filter.

The filter might provide an inexpensive way to defluoridate water in regions where the natural level of this mineral is high in groundwater, including India, China, Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Spain, Holland, Italy, Mexico and North and South America. It might also be adapted for those consumers who wish to reduce their exposure to fluoride, despite its dental health benefits, in parts of the world where it is added to the water supply for public health reasons.

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Fluoride ion destructive of teeth

Claims of fluoride as a "protective agent for teeth" against tooth decay are unfounded and have yet to be validly proven even after over 60 years of its unethical use in the water supply. It is undeniable that the fluoride ion is a protoplasmic poison, that it is destroying the natural makeup of teeth while damaging other body structures and organs.

If fluoride in the water did work as claimed, I and millions of others would still have most of our teeth in our mouths after over 30 years of exposure to fluoridated water, be it transmitted directly by drinking fluoridated water, or through all of the foods and beverages prepared with fluoridated water, absorption through the skin from washing, bathing, showering, swimming and hot tubing using fluoridate water. There is also aspiration of the water bound fluoride from shower mist, pool mist and hot tub (spa) mist breathed in during the related activities.

For those of us that have chemical sensitivities, fluoridated water is our worst nightmare because it potentiates any adverse effects of any other chemical and toxin absorption from any and all pathways.

That so many organizations recommended adding teeth prophylactic fluoride to tap water is no guarantee that it does do that. They have done no research of their own but have been politically influenced and motivated to get onto the bandwagon of fluoridation by the fluoride polluting industries to get rid of their toxic fluoride industrial waste at a profit instead of treating it for harmless disposal or reuse but at great cost. Then there's the bonus that this prophylactic effect can be used to deny lawsuits claims to those legitimately harmed by industrial fluoride polluting activities.

We should also be trying to remove all fluoride sources from our drinking water, not "adjusting" it to the falsely selected optimal level claimed to have yet to be conclusively proven healthy teeth benefits.

There is plenty of proof that fluoride is a very noxious ion as documented on the well categorized Second Look web site page and the huge alphabetical listing at the Fluoride Action Network web site page

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