Residential Membrane Elements

AXEON Residential Membrane Elements are recognized as some of the industry’s most reliable and highest performing membrane elements. Advanced manufacturing processes and the utilization of the industry’s leading film technology allow these elements to deliver consistent results in residential applications.

AXEON Residential Membrane Elements are offered in a variety of capacities ranging from 12 to 150 gal per day that will accommodate standard 2-in.-by-12-in. residential membrane housings. In addition, AXEON residential elements carry NSF 58 certification to assure quality and performance and are offered individually wet tested or dry for extended shelf life.

To ensure the continued performance of AXEON membranes, it is strongly recommended that AXEON Capillary Flow Restrictors are used to guarantee the correct 4-to-1 product-to-waste-flow ratio that the membranes were designed for. AXEON Capillary Flow Restrictors are constructed of Delrin material for increased strength, feature a self-cleaning tip and fit all standard-size ¼-in. tubing.

AXEON Residential Membrane Elements , when combined with AXEON Capillary Flow Restrictors , offer the benefits of reliable performance, high quality and simple installation. For more information on these residential membrane elements, as well as AXEON’s offering of other components and water treatment solutions, call 800.320.4074 or visit .
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