Aug 30, 2012

ResinTech SIR-700 Chromate Selective Media Receives Gold Seal

The resin removes hexavalent chromium from groundwater

ResinTech Inc. received the Water Quality Assn.’s Gold Seal of approval for its chromate-selective resin, ResinTech SIR-700. ResinTech SIR-700 now meets NSF/ANSI-61: Drinking Water System Components — Health Effects for use in all potable water applications. 

The resin has been used successfully for years at several U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency Superfund sites to remove hexavalent chromium from groundwater, in one case offering projected savings to the federal government of up to $20 million. The unique chemical structure of the resin provides tremendous throughput capacity with the ability to load more than 7 lb of chrome per cubic foot of media under ideal conditions. 

Hexavalent chromium in water poses a potential health threat and often appears in groundwater sources as a legacy contaminant from the use of sodium dichromate as a corrosion inhibitor.

“We are all proud to supply a product that provides substantial health benefits,” said ResinTech President Michael Gottlieb, “and we look forward to providing this media to the municipal drinking water market.”