Jul 22, 2019

RO Systems Reduce Water Use, Minimize Waste

The Vertex GreenMachines are four- and five-stage undersink RO filter systems specifically designed to significantly reduce water use and the carbon footprint of a typical standard style RO system.

vertex reverse osmosis system

Dealers no longer have to worry about customers’ complaints regarding RO wastewater.

The system uses the new Revtex 1:1 high-efficiency 50 gpd RO membrane to send less water to the drain. Only 1 gal of water is wasted for each gallon of fresh water produced, significantly reducing the wastewater by up to 75%, compared with standard RO membranes. This membrane is manufactured using special membrane material along with an improved design to make a 50% recovery rate possible at typical municipal water pressures of 40 to 100 psi. The system also uses NSF- and WQA-certified Greenblock carbon block filters, which are made with eco-friendly coconut-shell green carbon that is manufactured using a process which significantly reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The POU RO system will remove an average of 95% of the dissolved solids from the incoming water, including dangerous contaminants such as arsenic, chromium 6, nitrates, lead and cysts.

Offered as both a four-stage RO for most municipal application and a five-stage version for rural or well water situations, these systems come complete with a 4-gal tank, standard compression fittings, long-reach chrome faucet, color coded tubing and connection hardware. Quick-connect fittings and specialty faucet upgrades also are available. The system fits under most sinks and makes clean, quality water at the POU, eliminating the need for bottled water and the negative environmental impact associated with it.

The system is part of the PureWaterMachine line of undersink RO filter systems, including four- and five-stage systems, with pump and UV options. Vertex Water Products manufactures quality RO systems, bottleless and bottled water coolers, along with water conditioner systems for residential and commercial applications since 1998.

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