Reverse Osmosis Systems

AXEON R2- and M2-Series reverse osmosis (RO) systems are engineered and manufactured for commercial and light industrial applications and for feed waters up to 10,000 total dissolved solids (TDS). These high-efficiency systems use Filmtec LCLE low-energy membrane elements that deliver high-quality water at low operating pressures. This makes the R2- and M2-Series the first low-energy brackish water systems in the marketplace. They also can be configured with new Filmtec LCHR high-rejection membrane elements, which produce high-quality water and offer salt rejection rates as high as 99.7%.

The R2- and M2-Series feature Goulds multi-stage stainless steel booster pumps for longevity and optimal performance. Each system is fully tested at the factory and requires only simple utility connections: feed water inlet, product water outlet, concentrate water outlet and power. They arrive pre-plumbed and wired for immediate on-line service with minimal set up and little configuration required. The systems’ innovative design makes them easy to service, and allows them to provide years of trouble-free operation and offer a reliable water treatment solution.

AXEON R2- and M2-Series RO systems have been engineered as single-pass RO systems mounted on industrial-grade aluminum-powder-coated frames that offer corrosion resistance. The innovative frame design allows for easy access for servicing, maintenance and monitoring of the systems' overall performance. R2- and M2-Series systems come standard with fiberglass pressure vessels that can withstand pressures of up to 450 psi and are resistant to various climate conditions and chemicals. Systems are standard-equipped with a 5-micron prefilter, low-pressure switch to protect the pump, permeate and concentrate flowmeters, and filter in/out, pump discharge and concentrate pressure gauges. All systems use an advanced computer controller for automated system operations and monitoring. Clean-in-place (CIP) ports have been integrated into the design for easy membrane cleaning. R2- and M2-Series RO systems are available in different capacities to best fit your water consumption needs, ranging from 1,500 gal per day (gpd) up to 36,000 gpd.
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