RHS Solutions Simplifies Process for Water Treatment Operation Certification

RHS Solutions, a provider of risk, occupational health and safety consulting services, announced the offering of online courses to further educate operators of drinking water treatment systems on the fundamentals of maintaining their systems. The courses provide training in preparation for certification examinations and the necessary contact hours for qualified operators to maintain ongoing certification. The Internet-based education system allows operators to complete training at their own pace without the need to leave the work site.

Eight courses, which were developed by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), are currently available through the RHS Online Education Center at www.rhseducation.com. They are

* Applied Mathematics, 3 hours

* Basic Mathematics, 7 hours

* Coagulation, Flocculation and Sedimentation Basics, 3 hours

* Disinfection Basics, 3 hours

* Distribution System Materials and Equipment, 3 hours

* Filtration Basics, 3 hours

* Hydraulics, 8 hours

* Water Main Installation, 3 hours

AWWA currently is developing five additional courses that will be added to the RHS Online Education Center.

"Our goal is to provide quality, affordable training to help operators gain the knowledge required to safely operate and maintain water treatment systems and to help them obtain the certification required by the EPA. The online courses developed by the American Water Works Association help us meet these objectives," said Frank Pagnatta, vice president of RHS Solutions.

"As the demands made upon drinking water professionals continue to grow, so must the resources to help them," added Chris Joswick, AWWA Education Services Specialist. "AWWA is pleased to offer drinking water professionals the best and most applicable online training services available."


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