RJN Group, Inc. Begins White Clay Sewer Basin Rehabilitation Program for New Castle County

RJN Group, Inc. recently contracted with New Castle County, Del., to complete planning, field investigations, design, and modeling of the White Clay interceptor. This will be the first phase of New Castle County’s White Clay Sewer Basin Rehabilitation Program.

RJN has worked with the County on six other successful projects over the past several years and they have created a strong relationship. The goal of this project is to develop a hydraulic model of the interceptor system and calibrate and verify the model with insitu flow monitoring. Lastly, the plan is to prioritize areas in order to perform studies to identify sources of inflow / infiltration into the sewer system in the White Clay Sanitary Sewer Basin, which covers approximately 400 miles of sewer and 12,000 manholes.

The results of this project will enable the County to prioritize I/I investigation work, and also develop an appropriate rehabilitation plan to be completed in phases over the next five to ten years.


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