RJN Group, Inc. Inspects 716 Residential Buildings for Wheaton, Ill.

Due to a high peak flow in the sanitary sewer system after a rain, the Illinois City of Wheaton hired RJN Group, Inc. to conduct a building inspection program to identify potential sources of infiltration/inflow (I/I) that enter the system from the private sector. The program involves inspection of 716 residential buildings. The project will begin in January 2006 and continue through the Spring of 2006.

RJN Group, Inc. has provided engineering services and information technology software to municipal, county, state and federal clients for the past 31 years. The firm is headquartered in Wheaton, Ill. RJN provides public works engineering and information technology services for the development, maintenance and management of municipal infrastructure systems including sewer, water, drainage, roads and bridges, as well as GIS services. Projects include engineering studies, preliminary and detailed design, construction engineering and maintenance management.

RJN Group, Inc.

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