RJN Group Performs Comprehensive Inflow / Infiltration Study

Study to take place in Upper White Rock East Drainage Basin for the Dallas Water Utilities

As part of the City of Dallas, Dallas Water Utilities' (DWU) efforts to improve the wastewater collection system, RJN Group, Inc. was retained to perform a comprehensive I/I study and analysis in the Upper White Rock East Drainage Basin.

The system contains approximately 595,000 linear feet of sewer ranging in size from 4- to 36-inches in diameter and includes 1,860 wastewater access structures. Specific services include

* Manhole / visual pipe inspection (above and below ground)

* Dual blower smoke testing

* Cleaning and internal TV inspection with concurrent dyed water flooding

* Specialized TV inspection for lines located beneath the creek

* GPS survey

* Sonar inspection

* Flow isolation

* Flow monitoring and analysis / rainfall monitoring

* Inflow flow balancing

* Hydraulic modeling using InfoWorks

* Data analysis (report and recommendations)

RJN Group, Inc.

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