Rocky Mountain Survival Introduces New Personal Water Treatment System

Product uses nano-silver technology to purify water

Rocky Mountain Survival co-founder Tim Shettlesworth announced the addition of the PurifiCup to the company's line of emergency preparedness equipment and custom survival kits. The PurifiCup is a new personal water treatment and purification system that is completely portable and is the first of its kind to use nano-silver technology.

"The PurifiCup is unmatched in the industry," Shettlesworth said. "It is one of the best innovations to come out of the industry in a long time and we are gratified that we can offer it as part of our custom emergency preparedness line."

The PurifiCup is made of FDA-approved materials and utilizes nano-silver technology to purify more than 600 types of bacteria from drinking water. Also known as AG+, the non-toxic technology is routinely used in the medical industry to prevent contamination in surgical equipment.

The PurifiCup utilizes a three-stage system to filter water, beginning with two nano-silver membranes to prevent back contamination and remove bacteria. An ion exchange resin, combined with activated carbon, kills pathogens, destroys parasites and removes heavy metals and organic solvents. "This is very exciting because heavy metals and pesticides can be found in almost all untreated water sources," Shettlesworth said.

A single filter will purify up to 11 gal of water. The cup is completely self-contained and requires no hoses or other attachments. It also can be attached to a standard-size water bottle to provide filtered water.

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