Royal Spring Water Expansion on Target

Royal Spring Water, Inc., a bottler and distributor of Artesian spring water, announced that as part of their expansion, it has purchased two custom-made water treatment systems.

Alex Hazan, RSW's CEO and chairman of the board, said, "We were able to purchase one of the world’s best water treatment systems, which were custom made for our needs, to meet the growing demand for bottled water. We are excited that not only were we able to negotiate a purchase price lower than the original budget we have approved for this purchase, but that we were able to purchase a system that has double the capacity of the original machines we were buying."

Vartan Youssefian, chief engineer, said, "We bought the "Rolls Royce" of water treatment systems currently out in the market place. The system was bought from Enaqua System, a U.S.-based company, and is fully computerized and automated. It has the capacity of up to 144 million bottles (based on one shift) per year. In addition to a second and third shift which would double and triple our capacity, we can also easily expand this system to double its current capacity."

"The addition of the second system to our plant is very welcomed," said Harel Goldstein, director of world wide sales and marketing. "We have been getting a tremendous response to our high quality of water as well as our very competitive prices. This will further enable us to meet our production needs and sales projections.”

Royal Spring Water, Inc.

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