Nov 12, 2013

Safe Drinking Water Provided to Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Water Missions Intl. and FedEx provide drinking water to 60,000 people

Water Missions Intl. Typhoon Haiyan FedEX Disaster Relief Safe Drinking Water

Water Missions Intl. has mobilized treatment equipment and staff members as phase one of relief efforts to provide safe drinking water to victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Two disaster response water treatment systems, sponsored by FedEx, and 10 potable water chlorinators will be able to provide safe drinking water for the daily needs of 60,000 people in communities surrounding Cebu, Philippines, one of the most impacted areas.

"Safe drinking water is the No. 1 need in the aftermath of a disaster. Deadly waterborne diseases spread rampantly in contaminated and untreated water and can be fatal in a matter of hours," said George Greene IV, P.E., president and COO for Water Missions Intl. "Our specialty is water and sanitation. In addition to our own efforts, we're coming alongside other major aid organizations as their implementing partner for the water component of aid relief. We are in dialogue with UNICEF about partnering with other organizations providing aid as we actively carry out our own response."

Water Missions Intl. is also providing backup solar power options in the event the supply chain for fuel is impacted.

As the storm continues to head toward other nations, Water Missions Intl. will closely monitor the situation and respond as needed.