Aug 19, 2005

Sales & Management Training Seminar—A Success

Carl Davidson two-day seminar delivers valuable sales and management solutions to water treatment industry professionals

Following in the footsteps of a very successful seminar that took place last fall in Las Vegas, Water Quality Products was pleased to join Carl Davidson, president of Sales and Management Solutions and his partner, Ric Harry for an energetic and effective seminar in early July.

The Advanced Sales and Management Workshop took place in Philadelphia at GE’s Trevose Corporate Training Center and was sponsored by GE Water & Process Technologies, Soda-Club USA, Topway Global, Inc., Pro Products and of course, Water Quality Products.

The event was well attended by various levels of water industry professionals, from manufacturers to dealers and covered a wide range of sales and management topics.

    Some highlights of the seminar included:
  • Why the price doesn’t matter - covered the importance of doing a full, skillful and enthusiastic demo;
  • How to sell on municipal water - included a 60-minute-long demo, which demonstrated why municipal customers need POU equipment;
  • Hiring and retaining the right sales staff - advised dealers on salespeople selection and pay; and
  • Respecting the customer - offered suggestions on how professional etiquette could help dealers close a sale.

The two-day event was very well received by attendees and sponsors alike. Dean Srygley attended the seminar because he is currently considering becoming a dealer in Delaware. Srygley found the seminar very helpful because it offered a variety of useful information such as consumer education.

“Education is the road to success. Many people I talk to know very little about water quality in their area other than ‘it tastes/looks bad’ much less water quality throughout the U.S. When I share examples such as Washington D.C., where the same sand filtration system launched in 1847 is still the prime resource for tap water, and that throughout rural America, wooden conveyances send water along their murky, moss infected paths to the tap, people are truly amazed. Education is key.”

Srygley told Water Quality Products that he would absolutely recommend the seminar to other people in the industry. “It is critical that dealers be current on the tools a seminar like Carl Davidson’s offers. He delivers real-time solutions to success with his knowledge of the industry and his unique sales/close approach recipes.”

Richard Slimmer, CEO, CFO of Hague Quality Water of Greater Philadelphia said that one of the most useful things he would take back from the seminar was a new way to do an effective demo and generate leads. Slimmer added that he also would recommend the seminar to others “because it is a valuable learning tool and a great seminar all in all.”

Another attendee present at the seminar, Tom Vales, national accounts manager for GE, said, “The Carl Davidson Sales and Management Seminar will provide dealers with innovative techniques to increase their closing rate, increase sales and profits, and manage their dealership. The lead generation ideas alone more than pay for the cost to attend. Any dealer who wants to move to the next level should attend.”

One of the sponsors present at the event was Michael Matauic, business development manager for Soda-Club. Matauic encourages other people in the industry to attend future seminars. “This was the first Carl Davidson seminar I attended. I think it was excellent, and as matter of fact, I think we are going to sponsor the next one too.” wqp

Coming Up
Don’t miss the industry’s best Sales & Management Training Seminars featuring Carl Davidson coming up on Sept. 22 & 23 at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas and in Orlando on Nov. 17 &18 designed exclusively for sales people in the water equipment industry. To reserve your seat call 800.941.0068.

About the author

Neda Simeonova is editor for Water Quality Products. She can be reached at 847.391.1007, or by e-mail at [email protected].