Salsnes Filter AS Joins Trojan Technologies Group of Businesses

Previously announced acquisition closes, company joins Trojan Technologies

Trojan Technologies announced that it has completed its acquisition of Salsnes Filter AS of Namsos, Norway. The acquisition closed Jan. 19, and Salsnes Filter is now a part of the Trojan Technologies group of businesses.

“Salsnes delivers a technology that fits well into our municipal business,” said Marv DeVries, president of Trojan Technologies.

Salsnes Filter’s patented filter technology removes particles from municipal and industrial process water. Industries such as food, paper, cruise lines and aquaculture use the fully automated treatment technology to treat effluent, improve the quality of influent or enhance the utilization of raw materials. Salsnes Filter is also an alternative to a primary settling stage for a traditional chemical/biological treatment facility or preventing membrane bioreactor fouling. Salsnes Filter will operate as one of the Trojan Technologies group of businesses.

“This partnership will allow us to achieve a higher level of performance,” said Ivar Solvi, managing director of Salsnes Filter AS. “We are now positioned for growth in a way that was not previously possible.”

Founded in 1991, Salsnes Filter is represented in many countries and will continue to operate out of Namsos with production facilities in Salsnes, Norway.

Trojan Technologies

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