Samaritan Pipes In Water Supply for Grieving Family

Moved by the death of a 5-year-old boy who drank contaminated well water, a Malaysian businessman has decided to provide a clean, piped water supply to the family in Kampung Padang Pulai, Kuala Ketil.

Raduan Manap, 43, from Segambut, Selangor, has offered to pay the cost of laying water pipe to the family’s property.

Manap said he was saddened after reading about the family's tragic loss and how difficult it was for them to get clean water.

So he made arrangements with the Kuala Ketil Public Works Department. Very soon, a plumber will be brought in to lay pipe for the two houses occupied by the victim's parents, siblings and grandparents.

"Hopefully, work can be finished by this weekend so the family can start enjoying clean piped water supply," Manap said.

Mohd Norfitri Mohd Thair died at home Friday after suffering from high fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

His two siblings also fell ill and were immediately hospitalized. They are reported to be in stable condition.

New Straits Times

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