Mar 03, 2011

Santevia Water Systems Launches Canadian Affiliate Program

Company aims to increase sales in Canadian market

Santevia Water Systems, a division of Wellness Warehouse Inc. and supplier of pH balanced alkaline water filtration products, announced the launch of its affiliate program in Canada.

"We can now offer our water filtration products to even more Canadians through the extended reach of an affiliate program," said Yvonne Anderson, Santevia's co-founder and marketing director. "Affiliate partners play a vital role in our strategy for Canada to ensure all Canadian markets have direct access to healthy Santevia water."

Santevia products have been sold in North America through premium health food stores and the company's online store. According to the company, the Santevia Water System uses tap water to create pure, fresh-tasting water that is healthier and more cost-effective than bottled water. Using an eight-stage filtration and re-mineralization system, the Santevia Water System cleans and mineralizes water while adjusting the pH level to mildly alkaline.

Santevia offers a number of water filtration products including countertop gravity systems, under-counter reverse osmosis Systems and a number of handheld energy flasks and travel sticks.

An affiliate can apply to participate in the program online. Upon approval by Santevia, the affiliate account is seeded with a $20 signing bonus and is fully enrolled in the program, which earns a 20% commission on each Santevia product sold. Payout levels are set at $200 and will roll forward to next month if this minimum level is not met. Santevia handles all customer service and transactions, including shipping, support and warranties. Third-party tracking software by LLC ensures all affiliate sales and statistics are accurately reported and tracked. Affiliates are given a self-managed control panel for tracking code, graphics, banners, content and links.