Seawright Holdings Enters Its Bottled Water in World's Most Prestigious Water Tasting Festival

Seawright Holdings, Inc., owner of Seawright Springs, one of the oldest natural water springs on the Eastern Seaboard, announced that its bottled water will be a participant in the largest, longest running and most famous International Water Tasting Festival in the world, to be held at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, Feb. 19-22.

Seawright Springs, in the historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, is one of the largest sources of natural spring water anywhere, with the water coming from high in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The uniformly delicious taste of the water, which maintains a constant 59 degree temperature all year, has made it a favorite since the 1890s, when it was first bottled and sold.

Held in the historic spa town of Berkeley Springs, the 14th annual water tasting festival ( is a search for the best water in the world. Prizes are given for bottled water, with Seawright Springs among 34 entries, and municipal water, packaging design plus other categories. Seawright Springs will be competing against bottled waters from New Zealand, Canada, Bosnia and throughout the U.S.

More than 100 companies and municipalities will be represented at the festival. Last year, 27 states and the District of Columbia, plus eight countries, including England, Sweden, Israel, Italy and Bosnia, competed. Previous judges have included representatives from National Public Radio, the United Nations Correspondents Association, the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and other major magazines and newspapers.

Bottled water is judged by its appearance, which must be clear, a lack of aroma, its clean, light taste, and it should not have an aftertaste. "This is an excellent opportunity for us to reintroduce the water from Seawright Springs to the key experts in the bottled water industry," said Joel P. Sens, President and CEO of Seawright Holdings. Mr. Sens' Company recently purchased the 145 acre facility north of Staunton, Va., and is currently negotiating opportunities for the property.

Seawright Holdings, Inc.

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