Senator Advocates Rainwater Facilities in the Philippines

Rainwater catchment facilities in schools will aid in efforts to reduce flooding and conserve water

Rainwater Catchment Facility Philippines Schools Senator Legarda

Sen. Loren Legarda said that all schools and barangays in the country should have rainwater catchment facilities as part of efforts to reduce flooding and conserve water.

"These rainwater catchment systems can help address the country's water shortage problem, particularly during the dry season, while making use of the excessive water brought by the rains during the wet season. These facilities can also contribute to [reducing] the occurrence of flooding," Legarda said.

The senator made the statement in support of the program of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to put up more rainwater collection systems in public schools and state facilities in the country.

DPWH has allotted 78 million Phillipines dollars on rainwater catchment facilities in the past two years and for 2013, it is setting aside an additional P$50 million. The agency has already built 513 rainwater collection systems nationwide.

DPWH also has partnered with the Department of Education to include rainwater collection systems in the standard design of public schools.

"I urge private schools as well as local government units, particularly in the barangays, to also put up rainwater harvesting facilities to help conserve water and lessen our dependence on commercially available water," Legarda said. "We also continue to promote the building of green infrastructure, such as green campuses that will have forest parks, vegetable gardens and waste segregation system."

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