Mar 26, 2018

Filtration Manufacturer Addresses Counterfeit Prevention Measures at WQA Convention

The international water filter company, Doulton Water Filters, will address counterfeit prevention measures at the WQA Convention & Exposition in Denver

Doulton Water Filters addresses water quality products counterfeit prevention

At the Water Quality Assn. 2018 Convention & Exposition, Doulton Water Filters will deliver a presentation detailing the success of its authentication system in clamping down on fake copies. The annual showcase for the water treatment industry brings together leaders from across the industry to share information on developments, new technology and regulations.

“Our products aim to enhance the wellbeing and health of our customers, in this marketplace there is no room for poor imitations," Doulton’s Sales Manager for the U.S., Tim Evans, who delivered the talk at the exhibition in Denver, Colo., said. “The level of counterfeit copies in the water treatment industry is alarming, particularly considering the amount of investment and research that goes into creating these high-specification products. Doulton is committed to protection and, to this end, created a comprehensive authentication system that cannot be replicated on fake copies.”

The water treatment industry has been plagued by counterfeit operators imitating their filters with inferior, sometimes dangerous, copies. As the technology is contained within the product flaws usually only become apparent on use and fake copies can appear outwardly convincing. The reality is that these fake filters are manufactured with inferior materials that will not remove contaminants from drinking water. Customers tempted by a lower price tag can be putting their health at risk if they inadvertently buy and install a counterfeit water filter.

In response to this problem Doulton Water Filters, which supplies filters around the world, developed a two-step authentication system. This works by a unique serial number being added to every single filter. When a customer buys a genuine Doulton Water Filter they can enter this code online to check it matches the company’s manufacturing database.

“The WQA Convention is a fantastic platform to showcase the real inroads we have made into tackling the problem of counterfeit copies in the water treatment industry," Evans said. “Hopefully, by sharing our insights more legitimate producers can stop counterfeit producers undermining their products and potentially putting consumers at risk.”