Severn Trent Commissioned to Expand Municipal Water Treatment Plant for Naples

The City of Naples, Fla., awarded Severn Trent Services a contract to supply desalination equipment via reverse osmosis (RO) membrane filtration technology for the expansion of the Collier County south regional water treatment plant by eight million gallons per day (gpd).

United Engineering, the main contractor commissioned to oversee the Collier plant expansion project, selected Severn Trent's Universal Aqua Technologies (UAT) line of RO products.

"This project is indicative of our presence in the water and wastewater market," said Ken Goodboy, general manager of filtration for Severn Trent. "We have worked with Collier County to identify and supply the best solution for its desalination needs."

The Collier plant expansion project utilizes four, two million gpd desalination units. These units use RO membrane technology to filter seawater into gresh drinking water without the use of chemicals. Severn Trent expects to deliver its equipment mid-year 2002, while the project completion date is February 2003.

Severn Trent Services

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