Severn Trent De Nora's BalPure System Selected for First BWT Validation Test

The BalPure BP-1000 ballast water treatment (BWT) system from Severn Trent De Nora, LLC has been selected for use in the first validation tests of the Environmental Technology Verification protocols for BWT systems. The U.S. Coast Guard, through the Naval Research Labs, and the U.S. EPA have collaboratively developed draft protocols for verifying performance of BWT systems as part of the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program. The ETV Program is intended to facilitate the development of effective environmental technologies through credible and transparent independent tests of performance claims.

The patent-pending BalPure system generates biocides, meters and analyzes the residual level of both biocides and neutralizing agents and logs the performance of the overall BWT system. With international, national, state and local environmental agencies worldwide taking action to regulate the discharge of ballast water arriving in ships coming from overseas ports, the BalPure system has shown to be an effective, economical and high-capacity device to treat this water with no adverse effects on the environment.

The pilot validation test will be conducted at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory test facility in Key West, Fla. Once completed, the results and recommendations from the pilot test will be provided to the ETV Technical Panel for consideration as the test protocols are finalized. The Coast Guard is using the ETV Program's ballast water technology efforts to inform the development of procedures to be used in approving ballast water treatment systems for use on vessels.

m Severn Trent De Nora, LLC

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