Shanghai to Host 2006 Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Fair

The 2006 Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Fair (WSDWTF) will be held at the Shanghai INTEX Exhibition Hall in Shanghai, China from April 28 to 30, 2006.

WSDWTF provides an opportunity to showcase the latest water supply and wastewater treatment technologies from around the world, to facilitate an exchange of ideas to preserve Earth’s most precious commodity—water—and to fortify business partnerships and relationships. With an average GDP growth of 9.6% annually in China, environmental protection and water treatment businesses have been growing at a rate of 15-20% annually. WSDWTF offers an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this booming market.

In the past six years, WSDWTF has become a global exhibition with over 28,000 visitors from over 30 countries. At this year’s event, a number of companies will be making presentations on topics including technology transfer, fundraising, training and education, life-cycle engineering and assessment, system analysis and e-learning. The organizer of the fair will utilize its strong government and industrial ties, locally as well as internationally, to implement pre- and post-exhibition partnerships.

BRISEA International is the exclusive agent for WSDWTF in the U.S. For further information, contact Wallace Chang, P.E., program director, at [email protected].


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