Sep 09, 2011

Simpcw First Nation and FilterBoxx Sign Cooperation Agreement

New partnership brings water treatment projects into Simpcw First Nation territory in Canada

Simpcw First Nation and FilterBoxx Water and Environmental Corp. announced yesterday the imminent signing of a cooperation agreement that will establish a partnership on water treatment projects within Simpcw First Nation territory, located in Canada. The agreement creates a working relationship under which Simpcw First Nation, located in the North Thompson and Robson valleys of British Columbia, will collaborate with FilterBoxx on water treatment projects in both the domestic water use and industrial sectors.

"Throughout Simpcw First Nation territory there are a number of growing communities and potential mining projects that will need good water quality protection facilities to protect our environment. We know that FilterBoxx has a well-established track record in providing advanced water treatment technology. This also will create good contracting opportunities and jobs for our people in water treatment and environmental protection, an area of particular interest for us," said Simpcw First Nation Chief Nathan Matthew.

"FilterBoxx recognizes that First Nations communities are especially keen to maintain high water quality standards within their traditional territories. For this reason, we are particularly pleased to be able to launch this partnership with Simpcw First Nation,” said FilterBoxx spokesman Dave MacDonell. “This partnership will make it possible for communities and industrial projects throughout Simpcw territory to provide effective water quality management for the benefit of fish and wildlife habitat as well as the safety of the water supply for the general public."