Single-Source Accountability

Artesian of Pioneer, located in northwest Ohio in the rural community of Pioneer, has been involved in the water treatment business for more than 40 years. Focusing on commercial and municipal customers, this company has found a niche where it can provide a total package, turnkey and design-build water treatment plant, to customers who only want to look to one entity for evaluation/creation, design, permits/approvals, construction, start-up, training and even operation of a new facility.

Turnkey is a product or service that is designed, supplied, built or installed fully complete and ready to operate. The term implies that the end user can turn a key and start using the product or service.

Design-build refers to a project delivery system in which an owner contracts with a single entity for the design and construction of a project.

Besides the simplicity of looking to one company for total responsibility of a project, customers can save time and money with this process as well. Design and construction are completed at a faster pace when one entity is in charge of the whole project. In addition, the cost of the project is set in the contract, so only additions to the project or order changes will cause a cost increase. Also, since fewer contractors are used, the markups are lower, which directly affects the bottom line.

This developmental process of single-source accountability has been instrumental to both developers and communities in choosing Artesian of Pioneer to build water treatment plants for their projects or their communities.

With this process, Artesian of Pioneer is solely responsible for quality control, project management and work scheduling. Involving the company early in the process can prevent costly errors that can affect the water treatment plant design, wastewater plant flows and effluent water quality, well demand and production, and the overall success of a water treatment plant project. The following are three brief cases studies that show the value of this process.

Toll Brothers

Toll Brothers, a national luxury homebuilder, chose to work with Artesian of Pioneer for two new luxury residential developments, Oakland Hunt and Wynstone, in Oakland County, Mich. Both new developments draw groundwater to serve their residential water needs.

When each turnkey water treatment plant is put into operation, it will become the property of Oakland County and will be operated by Oakland County Drain Commission. Because each plant will be added to the county system, all design and equipment had to meet Oakland County design criteria, as well as the requirements of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Site plans were reviewed by Oakland Township. Artesian of Pioneer worked with all permitting districts to achieve exceptional water treatment plants for Toll Brothers.

Both turnkey treatment plants were designed to serve similar populations, so each will produce maximum daily flow of 864,000 gal. Iron, arsenic and manganese will be filtered from the groundwater with Maris Media as the filtering material. The steel vertical filters, steel detention tank and steel hydro-pneumatic tank are ASME-certified tanks designed by Artesian of Pioneer. All filtration equipment is housed in stylish brick buildings that will not take away from the appearance of these luxury housing developments. Each plant provides 284,322 gal of above-ground storage.

Centex Homes

Another recently completed project is the residential development of Thornton Farms, located in Washtenaw County, Mich., by national builder Centex. The water treatment plant will serve 460 home sites with groundwater filtered free of iron and arsenic.

This project also used Maris Media filtering material. Ion exchange softeners were also installed in this water treatment plant. A new split-faced block building houses the steel vertical filters, steel vertical softeners, steel detention tank, and steel hydro-pneumatic tank, which are ASME-certified tanks. A 100,000-gal above-ground storage tank and 30-ton salt brine maker are located next to the plant building.

Because Artesian of Pioneer has the ability to operate the turnkey plants, it gives the owner time to get familiar with the new facility and train an operator before the community or developer takes over the responsibility of operation. In some cases, Artesian of Pioneer has owned and operated the water treatment plant, giving the owner a set yearly buy-out option. This gives a community or developer flexibility in determining when they want to be in the water treatment business.

Village of New Lothrop

A recently completed turnkey project for the Village of New Lothrop, Mich., in Shiawassee County utilized Artesian of Pioneer’s design-build-own-operate concept for this community of 603 residents. Put into operation on March 6, 2006, the plant provides a maximum of 288,000 gpd of filtered and softened groundwater that is sold at a bulk rate to the community.

The steel vertical filters, steel vertical softeners, steel detention tank and steel hydro-pneumatic tank are ASME-certified tanks. Maris Media is the filtering material used to remove the iron and arsenic from the water.

Located next to the new split-faced block treatment plant building is a 30-ton salt brine maker. Artesian of Pioneer designed telemetry controls for water flow to a 100,000-gal water tower. This plant is monitored through computer software on site and 105 miles away in Pioneer, Ohio, to ensure quality operation.

Turnkey or design-build projects like New Lothrop provide an alternative for smaller communities with limited or no experience in municipal water treatment.

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Dean W. Potratz is Michigan sales representative for Artesian of Pioneer. He can be reached at 419.206.0112, or by e-mail at [email protected].