Sionix Corp. Offers Self Contained Water Treatment Systems for Hurricane Victims

James J. Houtz, president of Sionix Corp. announced that it has been in constant contact with the officials from the state and government offices of the Gulf Coast to provide potable drinking water to the populace of areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Sionix expects to receive word on placement within a few days. At this moment, they are completing life saving measures and then the supply line of infrastructure will commence.

James Houtz said, "This is only a small contribution to the relief of the citizens of the stricken area, but we have the ability to provide the rebuilding tools of supplemental water supplies during the rebuilding process. Sionix' systems may be placed on the ground or left on a trailer while in operation."

"Sionix water treatment systems are simple; they produce a minimum of 300,000 gallons per day; 'complete, turn-key, portable and packaged;' they are secure from intrusion and biological contamination, deliberate or natural; systems may be monitored, controlled and/or diagnosed from anywhere in the world eliminating continuous on-site operators," said Houtz.

"This hurricane has left the entire area without the most basic necessity, potable water. We hope to bring some relief to Hurricane Katrina's victims and assist in providing some sense of normalcy," said Houtz.

Sionix Corporation

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