Jun 29, 2011

Sionix Corp. Reports Successful Testing Results of Mobile Treatment System

Third-party tests showed that systems removed contaminants common in disasters and produced water

Sionix Corp. reported successful independent third-party testing results for its mobile water treatment system (MWTS). In the test, the Sionix MWTS removed contaminants of the same, or substantially similar, atomic weight and structure as the radioactive isotopes of those same elements currently found in Japan's water supply, contaminants in produced and frac water from oil and gas drilling, and contaminants in wastewater and runoff resulting from agricultural activity.

"We believe these results show the capacity of Sionix to provide comprehensive water treatment solutions to equally comprehensive water contamination problems,” said James R. Currier, CEO of Sionix. “These tests prove that the Sionix MWTS can efficiently treat large volumes of water (approximately 400,000 gal per day on the standard MWTS), on a continuous basis and that the MWTS can be adapted to remove a variety of contaminants.

"We believe these results verify and validate claims that we have been making about the efficacy of our MWTS product and the underlying proprietary and patented Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology. Specifically, these test results address surrogate radionuclide and biological contamination that characterize water in disaster/emergency relief situations (like [in] Japan, Haiti, [Hurrican] Katrina and other natural or man-made disasters); surrogate radionuclide contaminants and hydrocarbons that characterize water in oil and gas drilling applications; and biological contaminants that impact the healthcare and agricultural industries, all of which are markets that Sionix deems of extreme interest.

Testing was conducted and reports were prepared by Edge Analytical Inc., an accredited independent testing laboratory based in Burlington, Wash. Reports were prepared in accordance with accepted laboratory testing standards.

In a separate announcement, Sionix has leased a facility for the fabrication and assembly of its MWTS near Seattle on a month-to-month basis. This location was chosen because of its proximity to major ports, rail, trucking and air transport. With adequate capital, Sionix anticipates the capacity to fabricate and assemble approximately 50 MWTS per year from this facility.

Sionix will post to its website, www.sionix.com , a comprehensive explanation of the methodology and procedures used in the recent testing of the MWTS and its relevance to the various market opportunities Sionix is pursuing.