Six Journalists Win WASH Media Awards

Awards will be presented Aug. 31 as part of World Water Week in Stockholm

Six journalists were named winners of the WASH Media Awards competition for their excellence in reporting on water, sanitation and hygiene-related (WASH) issues.

The journalists and their winning entries are:

  • Alain Tossounon (Benin): "Access to safe water in the town of Ava-Sô, A perilous conquest for survival";
  • Ngala Killian Chimtom (Cameroon): "The Taps Have Run Dry";
  • Berta Tilmantaite (Lithuania): "The River Runs Back";
  • Francis Odupute (Nigeria): "The Strategists";
  • Francesca de Châtel (Belgium): "Water Around the Mediterranean"; and
  • Ketan Trivedi (India): "Alchemy of Earning Money Through Wastes and Making a Village Clean, Hygienic and Lovely."

The winners will receive their awards during a ceremony on Aug. 31, 2012, at World Water Week in Stockholm. During World Water Week, the journalists will share their experiences on reporting WASH issues with leading water, sanitation, environment and development experts reporting during different sessions throughout the week.

Media in general and journalists in particular are key partners for sanitation, hygiene and water sector professionals in their awareness raising, advocacy and behavior change work. Journalists play a central role in the highlighting of water- and gender-related issues and positioning of women as environmental leaders. They greatly contribute to bringing in the spotlight on the too-often neglected issues of the necessity of toilets and hand washing for a dignified, safe and healthy life for billions of people. The WASH Media Awards, organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council, two leading sector organizations, take a clear stand that it is not only necessary, but vital.

SIWI’s acting executive director, Per Bertilsson, highlighted the importance of the WASH awards in recognizing and promoting professional journalistic ingenuity in covering WASH stories.

“The winning entries for the 2011-2012 WASH Media Awards reflect an excellent example of how journalists could creatively bring underreported stories to the surface. These stories will inspire many in our sector to engage in new interventions, as they offer new perspectives on solving issues related to water supply, sanitation and hygiene,” he said. 

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