Dec 07, 2016

Slovenia Makes Drinking Water a Legal Right

Country amends constitution to include new article

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Slovenia has amended its constitution to make access to drinkable water a fundamental right for all citizens and to stop it from being commercialized. Slovenia is the first European Union country to include the right to water in its constitution.

With 64 votes in favor and none against, the 90-seat parliament added an article to Slovenia's constitution that reads, “everyone has the right to drinkable water ... Water resources represent a public good that is managed by the state. Water resources are primary and durably used to supply citizens with potable water and households with water and, in this sense, are not a market commodity.”

“[Slovenians should] protect water—the 21st century’s liquid gold—at the highest legal level,” said Prime Minister Miro Cerar. “Slovenian water has very good quality and, because of its value, in the future it will certainly be the target of foreign countries and international corporations’ appetites. As it will gradually become a more valuable commodity in the future, pressure over it will increase and we must not give in.”