DuPont supports global water, sanitation solutions with $3M impact investment

April 3, 2023
The chemicals company joined the Water Resilience Coalition in supporting WaterEquity’s Global Access Fund IV, supporting the installation of homes’ water and sanitation solutions globally.

Chemicals company DuPont announced that it is making an impact investment of $3 million to increase access to safe water and sanitation through WaterEquity’s Global Access Fund IV.

Global Access Fund IV, with $140 million in investor commitments, aims to reach 5 million people across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The fund brings together collective treasury investments from corporate members of the Water Resilience Coalition, which includes Starbocks, Ecolab, Gap Inc., Reckitt and DuPont.

The fund provides capital to financial institutions to enable them to scale their water and sanitation lending activities.

Through small, affordable microloans, low-income consumers are empowered to install water or sanitation solutions within their homes—such as a water connection or toilet. By taking this step, the health and well-being of families can be transformed, allowing girls and women to pursue an education, and helping to pursue an equitable future for all.

At a larger scale, the program seeks to drive economic growth, support healthy communities and ecosystems, enhance resilience to climate change, and promote gender equality.

“DuPont is making this high-impact investment because achieving universal water access is fundamental to solving the global water crisis and delivering value for society,” said Alexa Dembek, chief technology and sustainability officer for DuPont. “We are proud to join forces with other forward-thinking organizations as we align our water stewardship values to our investment strategies—empowering people to not only gain much-needed access to safe water and sanitation, but to all of the opportunities that access unlocks.”

Two billion people around the world currently live in water-stressed areas. Based on projected demand, if no action is taken, it is predicted the world will face a 40 per cent shortfall in freshwater supply within the next 10 years and, by 2050, more than half the world’s population will live in water-stressed areas.

The Water Resilience Coalition (WRC) is a CEO-led initiative committed to reducing global water stress by 2050. Water Equity’s Global Access Fund IV is the first investment in the Coalition’s Investment Portfolio which plans to leverage a wide range of capital market investment instruments, including private equity investments, blended finance mechanisms, and impact bonds to drive investment into water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH); nature-based solutions; and water and climate resilience.