Jun 03, 2013

SNO Water Achieves NSF Certification

Product meets NSF compliance standards, indicating testing & analysis

SNO glacier water from Iceland has earned third-party certification from NSF Intl.

The water received NSF's certification, indicating it has met NSF's compliance standards, assuring consumers that this product has undergone extensive product testing and analysis, including a complete evaluation of every aspect of its development.

"We're honored to have received certification from this prestigious organization that serves the public in much the same way as the [U.S.] Environmental Protection Agency or the Food and Drug Administration,” said a representative from Iceland Glacier Wonders.  

The certification assures consumers that SNO has met NSF's high standards of consistent compliance.

Dietary Supplement News (DSN) recently gave SNO its highest rating for purity and, in particular, for containing zero nitrates, unlike many popular bottled waters, which contain various levels of nitrates. According to DSN this could make SNO "the purest water on the planet."