Feb 29, 2012

Social Media Campaign Highlights Water Issues for World Water Day

Rubicon Property asks public to send in photos of dirty water for contest

Rubicon Property announced the release of its "Get Dirty” campaign for World Water Day, which is March 22. The company is asking participants to take a picture of dirty water in a glass or bottle and share it via social media.

"In our homes, at our places of business and throughout our lives, we see clean water everywhere," said Rubicon Property CEO Jason Haber. "Now imagine if that water was dirty, filled with containments that can kill you. Once you see that, you understand the clean water crisis faced by over 1 billion people on the planet."

Each time a participant uploads a Get Dirty image, the company will donate $1 to its latest charity: water campaign. Submissions can be made via a number of social media tools, and each image will also appear on the Rubicon Property Get Dirty Pinterest board.

• Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/flickr: Upload the image using the hashtag #RubiconWWD.
• Facebook: Upload the image to the Rubicon Property Facebook page.
• Email: Send the image to [email protected].


On March 22, at the grand opening of its new store in New York City, Rubicon Property will reveal the top three photographs, which will be prominently displayed in the store.

World Water Day has been observed on March 22 every year since its creation in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly. Currently, 42,000 people, mostly women and children, die each week from lack of access to clean water.